Essential Oils and their Magic

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“It doesn’t get much greener than essential oils: when used correctly, they are among Mother Nature’s most potent remedies.”

Amy Leigh Mercree

In my journey to peace of mind and stress reduction, I discovered the magic of essential oils and how they help us embrace wellness. I have to admit that at the beginning I was kind of hesitant to try, for me essential oils were just a great complement to a massage, well, I was wrong.  Essential oils help us mentally, physically, and emotionally. In one of my past blogs, I wrote about mindfulness and being in the moment, a great way to practice mindfulness is through smells.  Our sense of smell is immediate and very powerful, some smells will cause us to experience some emotion or excitement and others may remind us of a past memory.  Other smells, like the smell of delicious food will make us hungry or make us crave that food.  Smells have important effects on our mental and physical health.

Essential oils can be used by directly applying the oil to the skin or by using a diffuser this practice is called Aromatherapy. It all depends on your personal preferences, if you like the smell to be more intense you can use a diffuser and put it in your bedroom while you sleep. If you prefer to apply the oil directly to your skin, there are many oils that come in a roll-on presentation and is a great way to carry it with you. As far as brands, I love doTERRA, they have many products that are very high quality, and they sell many blends that people love. Another brand that I recently tried is “Guru”.  Guru has a lot of blends and many roll-on options for a fraction of the price of doTERRA products.  It comes up to what helps you individually, many have better luck with one brand over another.

Essential oils have many benefits they support digestion, boost energy levels, reduce toxicity, relieve headaches and migraines, promote sleep, alleviate aches and pains, boost skin and hair health, reduce stress and anxiety, improve brain function, boost immunity and fight infections among many other benefits.

There are an infinite number of oils for different treatments and purposes, some just smell great!  The following are my favorite for stress, anxiety and relaxation.

Lavender: you can find lavender also in a blend from doTERRA as Aroma Touch, Balance and Breath. If you are going to apply this topically, do it in your chest and your wrists during the day. At night put it at the bottoms of your feet to improve your sleep and promote relaxation. For anxiety, the best way to feel an immediate relief is to put a couple drops in your hands and then take some time to smell the flowers!

Clary Sage: you can find clary sage in blends from doTERRA as Aroma Touch, Balance and Serenity. Clary Sage is great for stress relief, mood balance and sleep. The best way to use this one is in a warm bath.  Put 4 to 5 drops in a bath and just enjoy the moment. This oil also works great as a massage oil for hands and feet.  You also have the option with any oil to use it in a diffuser.

“Whisper” by doTERRA and “Calm” by Guru: both of these oils promote a sense of calming.

“Deep Blue” from doTERRA: a magnificent complement to a massage. It is specially blended to relax muscles.

“Po Sum On”: I was introduced to this oil in acupuncture.  This oil is dark, has a very particular smell and it is great for soreness, muscle relaxation and also helps with circulation. Directions are easy…see the name!

If you want to learn more about essential oils, there are many books available.  I particularly like “Essentials of the Earth” it has an excellent description of many oils for different issues.

Do you love essential oils as much as I do? If so, which one is your go to oil?

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