The Journey Begins

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Ever since I started law school friends and family ask me questions regarding legal issues. People assume that if you are involved someway, somehow in the legal field you have answers for everything and the reality is that you do not. Attorneys, just like doctors and other professionals, specialize in a field. If you are going through a divorce, you need a family attorney, not a corporate attorney, just like if you are experiencing heart problems you are better off seeing a cardiologist than going to a dermatologist. This may sound obvious, but it happens frequently. Many often make this mistake out of convenience or to save legal fees, taking advantage of an acquaintance that is an attorney but not the right one to handle their case.

I enjoy learning and have had the opportunity to do so through the years of being exposed to many different legal specialties. Working for a firm handling personal injury helped me immensely in the process of understanding and becoming proactive in my own case when I was involved in an automobile accident a few years ago. In the early 2000s when the real estate market crashed, my previous legal experience and curiosity helped me to dig further and helped me get a loan modification on my home. Through life experiences we learn, become better at what we do and have the opportunity to share with and help others. I feel it is important that people are aware of simple tips that will make the legal process less intimidating and more productive. If people have an idea of how things work, questions will be more specific and answers can give a better understanding of future outcomes.

Everyone is different and I have seen it all. From the very best, well-behaved clients, to the more obnoxious and disrespectful. Clients that are down-to-earth, friendly and willing to cooperate every step of the way always experience better outcomes than others that simply think they have a great case and will become millionaires overnight. What kind of client do you want to be? What kind of relationship do you want to have with your attorney? It is a two-way street, but I can assure you that if you ever need an attorney, you can be more successful in reaching your goals and expectations if you follow directions, demonstrate availability and show respect. I know you are thinking it is much more than that, of course at the end of the day attorneys can and do have bad reputations but as with everything, there are very good attorneys that are dedicated, passionate and set to do the best work for their clients.

Legal issues seem to go together with anxiety and stress. For me, it is important to share legal tips but also with a side of bliss! I started my journey of peace of mind and stress reduction after I went through a painful divorce in my late twenties. I have seen many struggle with stress and anxiety without looking deeper into relaxation techniques, exercise and other helpful options we will be discussing. I am elated to share my blog with you all. Hope you learn some valuable legal tips and please feel free to comment and share some bliss!

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